Board of Directors

Abdul Hamid Nor
    Executive Chairman

Appointed as Executive Chairman, a businessman who holds a post-graduate in Masters of Commerce from Waseda University Japan, a holder of BA from University Malaysia and Diploma of Modern Japanese Economy from University of Hiroshima Japan. His keen interest is in the marine industry and property development in addition to having a strong track record in managing ventures and new business development. Other experience includes handling primarily Japanese accounts due to his fluency in Japanese language with Amanah Chase Merchant Bank in Corporate Finance and Banking and numerous consultancy works for Japanese companies intending to set up businesses in Malaysia such as Wacol, Crown Line, Isetan, Toda Construction and many more.

Chuah Chong Wah @ Chuah Poh, PJK
    Managing Director

One of the founders and was appointed as director since June 1992. Holding a C & G (Mechanical) in 1970, he entered Jurong Vocational Institute Singapore for Ship Repair and Ship Building Craft Course under Jurong Shipyard Ltd sponsorship. Upon completion of his traineeship in 1972, he was offered to continue advanced training in Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Institute, Yokohama Japan. His technical expertise was highly valued during his tenure with Malaysian Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd in the Ship Repair Division before moving to PSE where he continues to provide invaluable knowledge, experience and guidance in all the company’s projects.

Syed Khalil Dato' Syed Mohamad
    Executive Director

Appointed as Director in 1996, he is a Marine Engineer by profession and fellow in the Institute of Diagnostic Engineers, United Kingdom. An experienced marine superintendent till last appointment as General Manager, Sobrin-Kapal Sdn Bhd, a Joint Venture set up between Syed Kechik Holdings and Kepmount Shipping Pte Lt, Singapore. Completed shipboard services with 2nd class Certificate of competency, Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom, with the International Maritime Carriers Ltd, Hong Kong and Maierform B.V. Geneva, in the field of shipbuilding. Since 1976, he has been heavily involved in the construction of ships owned by Malaysian Shipping Corporation Bhd (MISC) and is now the Managing Director of SAZ Maritime Services Sdn Bhd apart from performing consultancy works for Messrs. Sanren Delta Marine Sdn Bhd and Hasnar Shipping and Chartering Sdn Bhd.

Ee Hock Leong
    Executive Director

Another founder of PSE and appointed as a Director since June 1992. His technical education and training was received from the Jurong Vocational Institute Singapore in 1971 for Ship Repair and Ship Building Craft Course sponsored by Jurong Shipyard Ltd (Singapore). Upon completion he furthered his training at Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Institute,Yokohama, Japan. 1978 to 1981 saw him applying his technical knowledge with Malaysian Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd as Technical Executive at the Port Klang Branch before joining PSE (formerly Port Ship Repair & Marine Supply Sdn Bhd). He has been and continues to supervise the many marine projects undertaken by PSE since then.

Dato Hj. Ibrahim Kam @ Kassim, DSSA, JP., AMN., PJK

Appointed Chairman of Port Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd since June 1992 until succeeded by Abdul Hamid Nor in 2009. Council Member of Majlis Perbandaran Selangor since last ten (10) years. Also the Chairman to Koperasi Pembangunan Daerah Petaling Berhad and Konsortium Tanjung Sejahtera Berhad which are actively involved in cooperation business activities, importer and exporter of vegetable, fish and various goods. In civil construction, he is an Executive Director for Nada Kelima Sdn Bhd, a class D PKK Registered Contractor. Was an active member of UMNO since 1955 and retired from all appointed posts in 1995 including Secretary for UMNO Bahagian Klang & Shah Alam, Council Member of Majlis Perbandaran Klang, Shah Alam & Petaling. He now retains a Senior UMNO Member status and is still actively involved in community services and activities.


Board of Directors (from left): Chuah Chong Wah (Managing Director), Syed Khalil Syed Mohd (Executive Director), Abdul Hamid Nor (Executive Chairman), Ee Hock Leong (Executive Director), Dato Kam bin Ibrahim (Advisor)